Roasted Tomatoes in Action

Some of you might remember this post from last summer.  We’ll, we pulled a bag of the roasted tomatoes out of the freezer and used them to make sauce for pasta and pizza.


Yum! They still tasted pretty fresh and made me that much more antsy for spring to hurry up and get here!  The beauty of the roasted tomatoes was that we didn’t have to do anything to them other than defrost them. We mashed them up a bit for the pizza, but the basil and garlic that were roasted with the tomatoes added all the flavor we needed.  Easy Peasy.

Frozen Goods in Action

Remember how I started freezing vegetables and made these fun little olive oil and herb ice cubes?  Well I’ve been digging in to them lately.  Earlier this week I used a couple of the olive oil and rosemary cubes to make pork chops.

olive oil cubes

They didn’t melt down as quickly as I thought they would, and went from bright oil yellow to almost white in the freezer.

oil cubes and pork chops

I was a little afraid I’d end up with burnt pieces of rosemary but as it melted down and got going it smelled so good!

pork chops and roasted veggies

On the flip side, I pulled some frozen asparagus out of our deep freeze to make as just an easy, weeknight side.

frozen asparagus

I was a little sad when I dropped them in the dish before the microwave.  The ends of the stalks were looking a little brown and the frozen solid clump was less than appealing.

sad asparagus

After I nuked them they still looked and smelled like asparagus but were a little limp and over cooked.  They tasted fine but wasn’t as exciting or tasty as the fresh we get in the spring.  I think it’ll make me that much more hopeful for ours to start sprouting this spring (fingers crossed).  I’m glad we’re making an effort to keep using what we’ve spent the time preserving. Even with the rocky asparagus experience, it makes me want to figure out better methods for the coming year.