Honey Whole Wheat

Well, we broke in the new bread maker this weekend. First loaf was Honey Whole Wheat from the handy dandy recipe book that came with it. It’s supposed to be a start it and forget it machine, but we kept peeking through the little window on top to see what it was doing. It made a huge, 2 lb. loaf with slices 5-6 inches tall. An added bonus of the machine cooking away? The house smelled amazing!


So far the bread has proven itself to be a tasty with butter, butter and jam, and peanut butter and honey. It was also best fresh out of the machine while it was still warm. Haven’t taken it for a full on double decker club sandwich run yet. Maybe this weekend. I’m also figuring out what the next loaf will be. ¬†They have a lot to choose from in the book, and there are even some dough recipes for things like pretzels and cinnamon rolls. Chances are I’ll try both.