Roasted Tomatoes in Action

Some of you might remember this post from last summer.  We’ll, we pulled a bag of the roasted tomatoes out of the freezer and used them to make sauce for pasta and pizza.


Yum! They still tasted pretty fresh and made me that much more antsy for spring to hurry up and get here!  The beauty of the roasted tomatoes was that we didn’t have to do anything to them other than defrost them. We mashed them up a bit for the pizza, but the basil and garlic that were roasted with the tomatoes added all the flavor we needed.  Easy Peasy.


I think the gardening gods read my post about mini garlic last week. When we started picking our cherry tomatoes this weekend, we had a pleasant surprise. we had our usual pop-in-your-mouth size but also quite a few jumbo Cherries.


I mean look at that! I wish you could actually see these in person. I don’t think the quarter comparison is doing it justice. I’ve got high hopes that overgrown cherries will mean overgrown slicers by the end of the week!

Garden Update – July

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July weekend!  Between the holiday and my brother’s wedding (Yippee!) I ended up taking a bit more time off from the blog than I planned.  Big Congrats to Chris and Sara though, beautiful wedding with plenty of fun and dancing to be had at the reception!  Couldn’t be happier for them!

While we were gone, the garden finally started to take off.  We have plenty of lettuce and chard.

garden update-lettuce and chard

Squash is doing pretty well, we had to re-plant half of it so that’s why we’ve got a couple of different sizes right now.

garden update-squash

Cucumbers are starting to need something to climb, that’ll be on the to do list this weekend.

garden update- cucumbers

Tomatoes are looking much better too.  They finally look sturdy after a pretty spindly start.

garden update-tomato

Potatoes are doing awesome!

garden update-potato

The regular white potatoes are doing a bit better than the blue, we also noticed that the flowers are color coded for us just in case they were all the same size.

garden update-potato flower

Radishes and carrots are doing well.  We’ll need to harvest them this week and we’ll still have time to re-plant before fall.

garden update-radishes and carrots

Peas are starting to climb but still have a ways to climb.

garden update-peas


Garden Update- Planting Begins

Well, spring is really here!  It might have made a jump in to summer (93 today) but I’m not going to complain, it feels amazing!  I didn’t make it in last week to say hello because The Hubs and I were finally able to get in the yard and start prepping and planting.  This is what most of our nights after work looked like.

garden 1

Oh yeah, and we built a shed!  It’s a snap together, kit we picked up, took a solid afternoon.  It’s going to come in handy storing garden supplies this summer.  It kind of makes me want to paint our house to match.  This picture would be even better if the lilacs were in bloom and I’d moved the pooper scooper…

garden 2

As far as the actual garden goes, we got the main plot cleared, tilled, composted, and planted.  We’re trying onions, lettuce and chard in a few little rows.

garden 3

Next to that, we’ll have 6 squash; zucchini and butternut.  We used our mini flower pots to remember where the seeds are. We’ll take them off once things start to sprout.

garden 4

Last we’ll have cucumbers for pickling.

garden 5

Oh, and those tomato seeds we started a couple of weeks ago, well look at them now!

garden 6

These babies will go in the ground pretty soon.  We’ve been placing them out in the sun during the day now that it’s warm.  There are 9 plants of each type of tomato so we’ll be able to pick out the best of the best when they’re ready to plant.  We still have to plant the smaller plant on the other side of the yard, plus all the pots on the patio.  Hopefully we’ll finish it all up this weekend.

Oh yea!  I’m also going to volunteer at the farmer’s market this weekend!  I’m really excited to help but even more excited for it to be starting back up again.  I’ll be picking up some goodies for sure!